WP Style Guide for Newspaper

Forgive the ignorance. Recently decided upon WP and decided upon Newspaper theme.

I’m attempting to establish standards for my content. Is there a style guide specific to Newspaper or are all images basically falling under the same dimensions in all WP themes?

Example: Featured Image. What size or uniform dimensions should a featured image be? Are there circumstances in which this changes? A quick Internet search states they should be 1024x800 while thumb nail images should be 1280x720. Are these numbers correct?

And again, if anyone has a standard style guide, I’d love to get it so I don’t spend all my time trying to create one by trial and error.



There is no exact standard for the image sizes. It depends on the elements you use on your site. If you use full width elements then you will need at least full hd images. If you use smaller thumbnails on your site, you can use smaller images. It depends on the layout you choose and the thumbnails used. If you need more information in this regard, please open a new topic on the official newspaper support forum at https://forum.tagdiv.com/forum/newspaper/

Thank you!
Bogdan B - tagDIv

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