Looking for a developer to start a long-term business relationship.

Hello friends and colleagues,

I am looking for someone who I can work with on a 50 / 50 basis.
I am mainly interested in Wordpress portfolio themes that we sell exclusively on Themeforest, but this is a longer discussion. I basically need someone who is able to put 100% into this as I have seen it does not work as a side-job.

I already have a Wordpress .PSD that I can share so you can see what my design skills are and what my design direction is.

Thanks for listening!

hi im interested.

Hi Andi,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. I am working in ThemeForest now as a Front-End developer. I have 4-5 approved psd to html template but those was my fixed job. Those was not my product but I coded those psd to html. I made Hotel-Booking, E-Commerce, one page portfolio psd to html templates. I want to work now as an Author. I am looking for a nice & expert psd designer and then I can convert those psd to html and then wordpress and share 50%-50% partner of those html template or I also can do fixed job I mean I can do psd to html as a fixed job. Which one you like may i know?
Waiting for your reply.
Aftab Zaman

Still now i have no hard reject psd to html template which i have coded. So I can confidently say that I am expert developer in ThemeForest.
You can contact with me by email or skype.
My Email Address: zamanaftab004@gmail.com
skype id: aftabzaman1

I have not seen any item approved under your profile

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I told you that I have done many fixed projects from psd to html which was not my product. Those was my fixed job but I wanna work now in ThemeForest as an author. I want to make my products now but i have no psd. I just need nice psd. If you want to see my those products I mean those previous fixed projects then i can show you.

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