Logo Reveal Rejected

Hello there

Well I have made this logo reveal https://youtu.be/SGrvW0JkQDA and it was rejected , any comment and feedback is welcomed .


Looks good for me.)))

It looks good to me, although I don’t know much about graphics…

Looks awesome but not unique though. I was searching for logo reveals that day on videohive and the clip like yours were already there on the market.

looks like tons of other templates on the market not very original.
I guess that’s the reason they rejected it

Alright , in my opinion the project is unique as in the logo reveal the logo is broken up into uneven shapes and the reveal is from the center to its edges . Moreover the light sweep gives it the 3d feel and as soon as it disappears it breaks the logo as if the extruded logo has been broken up .

That is my opinion about the logo reveal , now I am looking forward on creating newer ones and wishing all the best to everyone for your project :slight_smile: .