Logo Sting Rejected

Hey guys ,

My logo reveal template rejected , any comments and feedback is welcomed . Thanks

Animation and overall quaity looks very good, but I think there are plenty of similar animations, I just went to videohive and searched under Logo Stings and I found a lot Logos on white background similar to this one, maybe this was a reason, however, project looks nice, maybe try to add different background and some little effects, to make it unique. This is my opinion, all the best, Marcin


Okay thanks for your comment

Well they still accept logo with white background and its a unique logo reveal because the logo gets joined by both the sides and after rotating its gets a reveal so I was amazed when it was rejected . Anyway its not my first rejected lol , I will be focusing on creating newer templates and one logo with a black background is already in the queue :wink:


If you type in “rotation logo” in search you can find at least a dozen that look exactly the same as yours (not pixel by pixel exact, but extremely similar).

Can we say that all dozens of rotating logo looks same then ?

Yep, and i will say that half of them should’ve been rejected also ,since yours was. Better luck next time

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I totally agree with you on that .
Thanks a lot , I hope that for the next time I will come up with a much more unique template :slight_smile: