logo-reveal-2024-01-29-00-55-11-utc issue on AFTER EFFECT

@ M_Yunusoglu

your footage when imported on AE 2024 24.5 Mac version, is full of errors.
Every composition with the effects contains a list of issue in the code.
I can’t use the plugin in any mode.
Please check the screenshots
Thank you

It seems there is a problem with the expressions. I think the expressions are not universal in this template. You are getting that error because you are using a different language version of After Effect. You need the English version of After Effect to work that template properly. Or you can contact the author to help you. here is how you can contact the author.


HI there,
thank you for your kind answer, You had right! I downloaded the english version and all right! But when i render the clip, somethings are wrong, because the render doesn’t start and it’s very very slow.
Check the screenshot

Hello Roberts,
I am not sure what could be the reason for that much render time. The author who created it could have a better idea. However, Your media encoder is not an English version, so this could be the reason but I am not sure about this. You can try to render it inside After Effects.

The render doesn’t start.

What’s the better idea?

In this case, only the author who created the item can help you. Please contact him.

I think this is the author.