(Locked) Regular License. Official position concerning multisite usage of WordPress Themes.


Hi guys!

The question is simple: does ThemeForest Regular License grants buyer the right for miltisite usage of WordPress themes (WordPress multisite feature)?


Miroslav (from Dream-Theme)


Hi. I think it depends on the situation. I personally let them use it with multisite if they want to have one in english and one in another language. There are more example, but of course a more clear official answer would be nice.


The Regular License does not allow for using a theme multiple times on a WP mult-site install. I’ve done the same as duotive, letting it go for language variations. In my opinion using the tools available to create multiple language versions of the same site is one usage. If the changes went beyond just language and it was a truly different site for different regions, like what you might see on Panasonic’s websites:

  • http://www.panasonic.de
  • http://www.panasonic.co.uk
  • http://www.panasonic.fr

Although the design is the same, it isn’t just the language that changes, it’s the content also. They’re running a different targeted website campaign for each language/region. In a case like that I would tell the custom they need a license for each site.

It is explained pretty will in the License Usage Examples:



I agree with duotive and Parallelus

Strictly speaking, regular licenses don’t cover usage on multiple sites, whether or not they are part of a multisite install. In practice, I’ve had the same experience with the multilingual issue - it seems fair to consider that a single usage if, like Parallelus said, the content is the same on each site.

Honestly doubt you’ll get an “official” answer (the only one that could possibly be given is the strictest adherence to the license I think), but if you want could try contacting support.



Not clear enough !
I usually do that ex : http://www.ialma-musica.com/

6 languages for one domain domain name :

http://www.ialma-musica.com/ (EN)
http://www.ialma-musica.com/fr/ (FR)
http://www.ialma-musica.com/nl/ (NL)
http://www.ialma-musica.com/es/ (ES)
http://www.ialma-musica.com/gl/ (Galician)
http://www.ialma-musica.com/it/ (IT)

Do you think customers will agree to pay 6x a licence.
No. I am sorry.

So i need a clear answer please.

Sorry for my bad english, i am french speaking.



I think the way to look at this is not by looking at what the regular license allows, but what the extended license allows.

If you click for info on the extended license, it says:

a template for a Web Service such as WPMU, or as part of a Software Package for sale - Details

This says to me that you can only use it on Multisite (formerly WPMU) with an extended license.



1750$ !!!
You’re kind but it’s even worth.

In the meantime, i just lost 3 customers previously interested by the theme after explaining our discussions…

No way, i will continue to manage things by myself in CSS, HTML and PHP.

If someone has a contact with the author, suggest him a stuff like 35€ basic, 12€ per language on same domain name.
It’s more commercial…

Best regards



It isn’t the author that creates the license.

I agree that the amount charged for an extended license is too high, especially when you look at the cost of buying a developers license from any competitor.

eric1726 said

If someone has a contact with the author, suggest him a stuff like 35€ basic, 12€ per language on same domain name.

Authors here on ThemeForest are not deciding anything. Prices are adjusted by TF reviewers. And all Envato licenses are not the subject to discuss.

If any author will sell you “additional language license” he will automatically violate Envatos Membership Terms and Conditions. And potentially can loose his exclusive authorship status. In human words he will receive 33% of every sale instead of 50-70%!

I know it’s stupid, but that’s how it goes…


Edit: nvm.


I’ve always thought that just like you need an Extended License if you want to use a WordPress plugin on a WP Multisite the same would go for a WordPress Theme - you will need to get an Extended License. However if you look at the Extended License for a theme and a plugin you can’t really compare!

The problem is that if we create a WordPress plugin specially for WP Multisite we can’t just sell it under the Extended License - so some people just buy a Regular License and then use it on their WP MS.

I guess you are in exactly the same situation with themes, but could you do themes for the different versions? (WP single site and WP MS?)

We have many of people contacting us about developer licenses for plugins, which is not available. I presume you Theme authors are in the same situation.


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