(Locked) Avada Revolution Slider Security Vulnerability


Has anyone else dealt with this yet? My site appears to have been hacked and as of yet, I have seen so solution from theme provider. [link removed]


Update your Revolution Slider to latest version, as this bug has been fixed since version 4.2.



I have the same problem. After downloading a fresh copy of Avada, I cant seem to find the revslider folder in the zip file to upload.

Can anyone help tell me where it is.


Hey Guys,

The Revolution Slider that contained a security issue was back in February of 2014, and was fixed immediately at the end of that month. Anyone on Avada v3.4 or higher is in the clear.

We’ve posted about this on our forum in comments and on our support site.

The Revolution Slider plugin, as well as any other plugin is located in the Avada > framework > plugins" folder.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please post on our own support forum where we handle theme support.

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Thank you!