SmartChoice Theme - RevSlider

Hi, I bought this theme from ThemeForest and used it for 2 clients a few years ago. The Rev Slider has been infected several times for my clients. There is no longer support for SmartChoice theme, (totally unavailable?) and the RevSlider seems to be a huge portal for Malware and hacks. I need help. What do I do? Is there a security plugin that can protect my clients sites using the Rev Slider?

Thank you.

Unfortunately there is not much that can be done if your support is no longer valid.

Is this the case with each version of theme which you have? Or are you using the same copy for two clients?

Rev slider is in thousands of themes and almost all of the big ones here and it seems unlikely that there is malware in it. Possibly if you are using a very outdated version of the plugin then there could be vulnerabilities but security plugins will only do so much.

Have you kept your theme and slider updated?

One of my current client sites is:

Slider Revolution - Premium responsive slider, Version 5.1.6

It’s not asking me to update it. Is this the latest version? Also, its not that there’s malware in it, its that (from what you said) there are some huge vulnerabilities that are being very actively exploited. I’ve read a bunch online about it.

Those links are two years old - any issues that occurred have been fixed since.

If you are using the same copy of the theme for both clients without buying multiple copies then that would mean that first of all at least one of your clients sites is using the theme illegally.

The theme stopped updates in 2015 so the latest version is using an outdated version of VC and of Rev slider.

You could try buying an up to date version of rev slider and VC as a stand alone products.

NOTE you may need to investigate and update the theme code also to make it compatible with the latest versions of the plugin.