Live preview from codecanyon hosting to my own hosting

Hi. I am a new author on Codecanyon. I would like to have some help from the experienced authors or supporting team.

When i was uploading my product file on codecanyon, i uploaded the live preview file on .zip format, and i also gave my own domain url for live demo. But after my product got approved on codecanyon, i am seeing that the live preview button is redirecting on "… " to display my product as live demo. But i want to redirect the live preview to my own domain and hosting.

So yesterday i removed the optional attachment file from edit section, the optional attachment is the file, and i was hoping that this live preview file removal will make a change to redirecting from codecanyon hosting to my own hosting. But still i am seeing that the live preview is loading from codecanyon hosting, instead of my own domain url.

Is there anyone who can help me on that? am i missing something or it’s not possible to display live preview on my own domain and hosting rather than codecanyon hosting.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My product on Codecanyon

The current live preview page

The URL i want to have the redirect of live preview :

It’s just an iframe to help people get to buy the item. If you click to remove the frame then your demo is there.

There are hacks that can help redirect the link but there’s little value if the buyer then needs to go back to codecanyon to purchase it.

I don’t actually like the buy now iframe. it appears at the top of the page. since my product is a mega menu which positioned in the header section of the page, the header nav section then become less attractive and it looks pretty confusing when user visits the live preview site.

So can you tell me how can i remove the iframe permanently from the header section of live preview page, so that a user don’t need to click and remove the iframe themselves. I can make a buy now button on my preview page linking to codecanyon, but i don’t want the iframe.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t sell items here so no overly familiar with it - there used to be a switcher script and discussions like this one Introducing Item Switcher... but there are also discussions I have found about envato not allowing custom frames anymore.

If you Google how to redirect the envato demo bar then there’s loads of informative threads with ideas