Envato Live Preview iframe Wrapper

How do I redirect to right site or remove iframe from website on live preview? It seems barely any of authors live previews work on code canyon or themeforest without modification or removal.

As I understand you are searching for a custom ThemeForest Preview Bar right? If yes, you can check this github example: https://github.com/proteusthemes/themeforest-preview-bar

It does exactly what you are searching for :slight_smile:

Thanks, actually I just want to remove. Custom is fine but as of now the live preview does not work at all based on the URL I supplied to them. There iframe is fine if it works.

Try Live Preview, if you can.

Here is regular URL I supplied:


Thanks Again for your response.

Basically if you use the example I just provided it will do what you are trying to achieve.

After redirecting to your url(even with that top bar), you can simply hide it using CSS.

Thanks for your support. Will do. BTW, any suggestions on sandboxing so that users can play with my plugin in admin area?

Test Drive Sandbox plugin from CodeCanyon. Have you tried it?

Yes, I purchased but it seems not to work, well possibly with wpengine. The plugin just redirects to home page and does not allow access to login/admin page. I have placed a comment for support. About to try on Hostgator. And thoughts/suggestions.

I understand.

I think the author is the most suitable to give you suggestions regarding compatible hosting companies.

Thanks so much for you time, suggestions and help.


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