My demo website dosen't open when i click live preview

My demo website doesn’t open when I click on the live preview button. but my demo website is live in all browsers. What can I do now? I changed my domain. My first domain is working, but after changing my domain, it now doesn’t open. Thank you

It does open, it’s just throwing an error. You cannot use the Local Storage API within live demos anymore. Cookies also won’t work.

It seems you’re using this for your language selector. The only way to remember something like the current language inside a CodeCanyon live demo today is by setting the language using a query parameter.

Alright, well, I see that you changed the domain after my message above. Now the issue is entirely different. Details are important, since you’re an author on CodeCanyon, surely you know how to check your developer console?

The issue with your new domain is that you’re sending headers which prevent iframe embedding, so obviously it will not load.

You actually have two different headers which will block this interaction:

The X-Frame-Options header must be removed, and the frame-ancestors directive under CSP should be changed to allow CSP: frame-ancestors - HTTP | MDN

The issue I posted above (regarding the Local Storage API) might not be visible to you, it’s only an issue for browsers where “third party cookies” are blocked which is the default for most browsers now. It’s important to enable this on your side, most authors are not aware that their demos are entirely broken for many visitors.

I am able to find out but how can i remove this ?

If you don’t know how to do this, then you will need to ask your web hosting provider.

Thank you