Live Preview Button NOT VISIBLE in Elements Wordpress theme

Is it just on my end that I cannot see “LIVE PREVIEW” button so I can check the elements in the wordpress theme? Even other themes there is no “LIVE PREVIEW” button.

Thank you in advance for the help.

I confirm that there is no Live Preview button. Probably there are some changes “under the hood”. I will try to report that bug @BenLeong and hope they will fix that soon.

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Meanwhile, you can check the details at ThemeForest


Thanks for confirming.

Got this. We can browse to that site instead to see preview. Thank you!

Hi @gcanenvato. I can confirm that the Elements team has fixed this bug, and the Live Preview button is available again.

I’ve just confirmed that it’s working for the item you linked to above - if you still don’t have it available when you load the page, a refresh may be needed due to caching.

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