Live Demo URL

Hello everyone. I want Live Preview button to be hidden for users. Because it is easy to steal project code on the browser. I am a front-end developer and my items code is accessible on the front side easily. But Live Demo URL is required when I upload a new item. I want to show Video Preview button instead.


A live preview is a demo that showcases a web theme item including, what it looks like, what it offers and how it works. It is an important part of the buying experience for customers as it helps them assess the suitability of the theme beyond images.

Authors contributing web theme items to Envato need to include a high quality live preview that showcases its aesthetic design and technical functionality.

As unfortunate it might seem, any code can be “stolen” but you need to assure buyers that by purchasing through Envato they are not likely to get compromised code, or suffer lack of updated code.

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I don’t want the button to be hidden for all my items. Of course, it is required to put a live URL for big projects like web themes or landing pages. But for very small ones such as loaders, cards, or buttons it is enough to watch a video preview. I saw some items on Codecanyon don’t have a live preview. there is a Video Preview instead


Got you :slight_smile: