How come live preview does not work?

Whenever I click on Live Preview to view a website live, I get taken to another page or the page just does not load. Anyone else having this issue and if so how do I get around it. I hate having to download the template just to see if it will fit my needs. Thank you



this can be happened if demo server is down or wrong url provided. If you interested please write down to the Item Author going through Item Comments Tab. So that Auhtor can take responsibility to make the demo live.


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Example item/link?

This is one that takes me to another site will just a list of other sites.

This one shows a nothing, just says page can’t be reached.

Thank you

Those are Envato elements (another marketplace) links

The first one demo link

The second is showing as the demo broken

I don’t get that link you have for the first link it redirects to this:

It’s probably just a hosting error on the author’s server - they are clearly hosting their elements versions separately from the main marketplace one