Lite(prerender) version of the project was rejected

I have a project [link removed] it contains the source files. For this reason, I do not send it to the elements. And I decided to make a separate pre-render version, I wrote to the review team that this is a special version for elements. But I was rejection. The letter says that the pre-render version should be included in the main project. It looks very strange to me, so the project will not be added to the elements immediately. After some time, I will delete the source files and upload the project to the elements, and the source files will be available on request.

Envato should make it possible to purchase versions with different archives, or allow projects to exist in a similar way as it happens with PP projects. Or already separate the videohive and the elements for uploading.

These are just my thoughts, although perhaps this is no longer relevant and the market will be subject to restrictions in the future

I used to make plugin versions of files now I just don’t bother with it, Source files available on request is the way to go.

I am gradually moving towards the same solution, but it violates the concept of my profile

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