Licenses Buying on AJ

I was really wondering If anyone does buy a licence higher than a standard music licence?

Yes, this happens from time to time. Some authors have more high-tier licenses sold, some have less. I got my first broadcast license after one year here.

If their intended use requires it, of course. If not, they would be in breach of agreement. Any TV use requires a higher license (even though they don’t always get the correct one, as there is a common misunderstanding on what constitute an audience, but that’s another story)

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yeah and the real problem if someone used a standard licence for another purpose how would we know?
In the end, they are mp3 and wav files.

EL’s are always a nice surprise. Especially since the earnings from a single B&F can exceed those from 10 Standard sales.

Since you set up your own price, it can even be more than that. I earn twenty five times more with a B&F license than with a regular one.

There several tools available for us authors such as ContentID and TuneSat, which can help monitor usage of our music. Have a look a this guide by @RedOctopus

I, myself, was able to find instances where my buyers had gotten incorrect licenses. After reaching out to them, I was able to get them to get the appropriate licenses. In one case, bumping it from $99 to $999. So, definitely worth it to do some monitoring.