License question: from Youtube to TV show?

Hey guys what’s up!?

So here’s the story: a while back I put on Youtube a personal timelapse video project using AJ music with standard license.
Now a Tv company has asked me if they could air that video on their channel.
I’m still not sure if they are willing to pay because they didn’t even mentioned it… :sweat_smile:
But say they are ok with it, are they supposed to buy something like a Broadcast license for the song right?

Im surprised they even ask for it because I see a lot of videos are regularly taken from youtube and aired on tv and news!

What are your thoughts?


Standard license doesnt fit here.

You can check the licenses here, and ask the customer about audience.


Yeah standard license is ok just for youtube but if they want to broadcast it they need to buy another license accordingly!
Ok so I will tell them to go and buy a license by themselves because I dont wanna be responsible for anything!
But i guess there wont be any problem as soon as they will discover that they have to pay :joy:

TV broadcasts need broadcast licenses.


Problem solved as soon as I told them they were supposed to pay! :joy:

Thanks anyway guys!

So… they run a TV channel, and they don’t know they have to license copyrighted material?

Apparently yes!
My only guess is that they thought they could broadcast it as news/documentary, kind of editorial use for videos.