LF Twitch/YouTube/Mixer Login to Wordpress

Hey Envato and CodeCanyon!

Our office is looking for a WordPress plugin that allows users to register to our website with their Twitch / YouTube / Mixer accounts via these platforms APIs.

We’re looking to have access to their emails and follower counts to verify actual ownership of these accounts to speed up the vetting process in getting new titles to users.

Example: https://i.gyazo.com/94199c8dab950c7804523a851e5ebecb.png

We’re looking for the plugin to be small but feed data into a spreadsheet that we can export an manage elsewhere at any given time. Looking to get something like this soon so any replies and help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @LoboStylez1,

Sounds fairly specific. I’m tagging in @baileyherbert, who’s a bit of a guru when it comes to plugins :smiley:

They might be able to let you know whether this is something you’d be likely to find out of the box on the marketplace, or if it’s a custom job.

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