Kormosala Demo Date will not import

I am trying to import demo data as instructed in the included docs. Just sits spinning saying “importing” I’ve tried launching a new session, re-activating parent theme. Currently sitting on 30 minutes trying to import. Any advice?


Please make sure your server configuration meet the theme requirements. and have enough value for the following php settings:

If the above things not solved please contact your purchased theme author, theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


I am new to WP, where can I check the settings? I am on Network Solutions.

you can get in touch with your hosting support. Also better to get in touch with theme author and ask them for support. Thanks

I am looking through my directory to find the “functions.php” file… any idea where this would be?

why you need that functions.php? you can find the file in your theme folder.

There is a note in the instructions to change/add a string for max upload to 64M. There are three options “functions.php” “PHP.INI” or “.htaccess” I’ve tried modifying “php.ini” and still no luck.

okay you can try but I would prefer to contact hosting and increase to 128M using php.ini

That’s whats weird… in my php.ini memory is set to 128 by default.

Can I just pay you $50 to install lol

you can follow the docx to set the value. also you can search in google how to setup upload_max_size in wordpress. Also you can try to contact theme author if they can guide you to setup the theme easily.

If you really want to setup by a expert then you can hire a freelancer at Envato Studio (envato freelancer platform). For doing this job I would recommend one of the freelancer WordPress experts at Envato Studio.


Haha I’ve opened a ticket with the author… no response. I can’t wait days. You at least respond quickly. I’ll wait until tomorrow before hiring someone. Thanks for all your help tonight. Appreciate it!

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