Kingdom Menu and how to add a top menu or HOW TO GET SUPORT


I am using Kingdom Theme and Woocommerce with woozone for an Amazon affiliate store and would like the sight to have a top menu. I want a layout to have top menu similar to the Amazon store. This seem to be turned of on the kingdom theme… How do I do this. also what does the 6 months support includes… Is there a number that I can CALL


Here’s what support covers.

You should ask your question to the author

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Can you forward my question to the Author??
Is there an email for the author?



Author support info is here

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I checked just now and the top menu showed up so something must have changed… but when you hover over a menu Item
and the sub-items show up, they disappeared when you try to click the sub items.

I’ve been trying to set this up since beginning of july and this theme dont act right. I’m no expert on php but I’ve been
doing wprdpress for over 4 years and the simple things Im trying to do turned into a nightmare with this KINGdom theme.
need to complete this site… Amazon affiliate…woocommerce and woozone… this shouldn’t be this hard…