How to move and show/hide the menu in Kingsize ?



after the update, the menu has mooved but i don’t remember how to move it to the left and hide it till we click on it.
I’m on the wordpress latest version.
Would be great to have an answer.



Did you try to contact theme developer?
You have support from theme.
How we can know what did you make without any link to your site.


Hi Zaccc,
I don’t have any more support available so i ask some help to the community.
Here is my site :


To me it is all looking fine.
Did you delete cache on your browser?


Hi Zaccc

I would like it to go back to the top left corner like it was before the update.
Too many hours spent without finding any solution.
I had an answer 3 or 4 years ago from the support team but it’s impossible to find back this answer anymore.
Best regards


Without login to site I cant tell you nothing.