Themes that I can use with Woozone?

Just wondering if Woozone works (well) will themes other than the Kingdom theme? I have Mayashop theme which I like and am familiar with but the products are not displaying as I thought they would. Is it necessary to buy the Kingdom theme? Are there other compatible themes?
If it’s necessary to purchase a specific theme, this should have been made very clear at the point of purchasing Woozone.
Thanks for your help.

Did you ever get an answer to this? The Kingdom theme is painfully slow to use

Yes, I would like an answer too. So many issues and support is saying they can’t help me fix up basic responsive issues with displaying product pages on mobile. Ugh! Check out any product page on on mobile and you will see what I mean. If anyone has had success with Wzone /woozone and other themes, please post here. Thanks!