Keep old uploader up until the new one actually works properly.

Hello there, I have never asked to be part of the very unlucky authors who have been forced into the new uploader. It is not yet working properly so it is completely ridiculous to funnel authors there and the whole thing is even disguised with good intentions. I had a link to the old uploader which WORKS 100% FINE ! I used it successfully 3 time last week.

It seem to have been put down. YAY !!!

Check your priorities. Please make the it so the old uploader works again until your new one has passed the most basic functionality test at least. And please don’t force us into a new feature until it actually works. I am not the only one complaining about this, we’re all very disappointed because we know you can do better. I am sure you could have handled that switch without the whole process being a complete nightmare.


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