Can't use new VH upload tool, waiting more than 2 months for a review?!

I cant use the new upload tool, when i try to do that it just refreshes the site. Is it something broken with my account or what? I’m not feeling like using the old tool if i do not need too, especially if i’m waiting for a review so long i don’t even remember what i have uploaded. I want to try to make more valuable vids, but i just can’t go through all the hassle with putting info, pictures and so on to upload a vid for christmas and wait for it to be reviewed on summer (just a example).

I’m not making a lot of money here but it’s not a big issue for me, i know it need’s some dedication to earn more, but every time i want to upload something i’m getting tired just thinking about it, and the review time is absolutely discouraging to me.

What do you think?

The situation has been getting worse and worse constantly, for the past two years. I remember complaining for the 5 days review time, and now it’s 4 months, or more. I don’t even know if my videos will get reviewed at all. The review criteria has dramatically risen and the consistency has dropped at the same time. Not to mention the US tax that they put on our back, instead on theirs or on the buyers, because they didn’t want to lose profit. The support and respect of the authors has also gone to shit, they won’t even give us a standard generic excuse that they are “working on it”. They won’t listen for the propositions that we are suggesting, which wouldn’t take too much time, and would make this marketplace better for all of us…

I said this things many times, so I’ll stop bitching. Basically, if you are serious with this, produce better footage and start uploading to other marketplaces. If not, take it as it is, we can’t change a thing. Just follow the money, and everything will be clear.

p.s. at least they let us express our opinion without deleting posts, or they are not even reading… :grinning:

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I’m using an old download tool. It allows to complete the work correctly. The old download tool, required the author of a certain training and knowledge, responsible attitude to the shipped footage.