Why new uploader still new uploader? Serious problems of it...

Yes i know its a big leap when you compared to old uploader but it is still very primitive one in almost all aspects when you compared to the other marketplaces.

1 - Save. Not working properly. Can not be trusted ever.
2 - Interface and details. Just 30 items per page ? Check for the other marketplaces.
3 - Which one of item i selected from list? Little thumbnail and very very little green dot. God helps whoever uploads something green. And one percent more bright bar. Is it too hard to think that after some time to look bright things it becomes hard to distinguish brightness. At least could you make it something like 3 or 5 percent brighter or darker ? Little more contrast ?
4 - Select Upload/Motion Graphics and voila! We have default item type of Stock Footage! Imagine you have a big batch.
5 - Using Audiojungle Item? This is motion graphics/stock footage how many of authors uses sound? At least default option could be no! Again imagine a big batch. Click one by one 100’s of items.
6 - You are not able to implement csv. Okay i understand this. But why we cant multi-select and edit our batch ? I have 100 items. Clicking one by one. Select item type, category, audiojungle thing, enter prices. I never see anything such counterproductive. Its just a big waste of time.

Conclusion is that fixing Save and adding Multi-Select edit must do as first. This is a good market. Don’t make people hate something of it.

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yes. it’s very big problem i think. almost 5 time i think i tryed upload my new project and 100% sure that it was 30-40% better than now in sale, but reject reject reject always… It gives me a lot of demotivation