Kallyas Theme :Web Designer Needed

Hello, i’m looking for a web designer who has mastered customizing the Kallyas theme. Need a simple site created.

Also open to designers with extensive knowledge of a similar theme, looking forward to hearing from you.

I sent you Private Message.

Hello ,

You can send me specifications on PM what you need. I have made several sites with that template.


I need to update my website. The designer who created this first did NOT do a great job.

I’d like to know who quickly you could update my site with the new content and improved layout (much less then there is now)

I’m actually using the “child theme” now since the main theme has an error in a line of code.

this is my site now https://www.gabriellarapone.com , can you fix it ?

and what is your price?


In case of interest, you can contact me via the link below:

very nice work.

this is my current site gabriellarapone.com and I don’t NEED the kallyas theme, I have NEW content and a lot less of it. The only thing I like from my old site is the #askthehonestgab section.

I want something clean and simple. There are way too many plugins now .

What is your price and when could you complete this ? I need to hire someone today , please let me know .


If that’s for me, please contact me via the link (above)