looking for WPLMS website freelancer

I’m looking for a web developer who designs with MARKETING in mind to help me get my WPLMS site up and running. Someone who really KNOWS how to use this theme bc I am a rookie. Someone I can speak with by phone, not just this way.
Thank you

Feel free to contact - I could share Whatsapp/Viber/Skype

Hello Ki-Themes
Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate that.

Are you familiar with working on the WPLMS site? I tried my hand at designing it. It needs a lot of tweaking and it needs help for designing it with a marketing approach.

I hired someone local who is a web designer but he is not familiar with the theme.
Then I hired someone from India, but they are also not familiar with that theme.

I want to design the site for marketing, not just to make it pretty (but I want that too:)
I am not a techie, so it also needs back end stuff. Is this the kind of thing you do?
Thank you!

No worries, I have experience with it