Just want to share this song and video (ft. AJ authors/reviewers!) that gives some love and positivity. The Rubin Family - 'Give a Little Love'

AJ author and reviewer @StudioMonkey and his wonderfully talented family made this song that really offers some love and positivity during this time. They got a bunch of their friends and family to contribute for one massive performance. Look for me playing guitar, viola, and singing. You can also find @AndySlatter on oud and dulcimer.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Hope everyone is staying safe!


Really wonderful!!! Thanks to share!

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Beautiful outcome guys :heart_eyes:!
and so nice to put faces to the classic aj avatars :smiley:

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Great example of what’s the purpose of music!!! It is a beautiful work best cure for these times!

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Thanks for the mention, sir, it was a beautiful project to be involved in, and also, nice to put a face to your name! I didn’t realise there were other AJ authors involved x

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A good creative and friendly song turned out! I like! :notes: I wish you well and hope that soon the epidemic will end! :checkered_flag: