Cool! Phil is Pheatured. Well done mate.


Congrats to Phil, one of the most helpful, encouraging, and positive people in the audio community. Wishing you many sales on this awesome track. Woot! High five buddy. :hand:


Well deserved for a great music community guy! Good luck with sales Phil!


Nice one Phil - best wishes to you! :slight_smile:


Nice! Definitely one of the coolest authors here.


Congratulations, Phil! You’ve more than earned it. As a new author starting back in April I quickly saw that this guy is one of the most helpful, encouraging and valuable members of the community.

Good luck with the PHeatured file, Phil - they chose a good one :wink:


Congrats Phil. You were the first member of the AJ community to leave feedback for me. You’re one of the best members of this community.


Congrats Phil! Enjoy this week :slight_smile:


Congrats nicely done :slight_smile:


Thanks, everyone! I’m feeling very flattered.

Easy to be positive with all the talent and positivity around here. Some of you guys who have posted in this thread have been the biggest motivation to me. :wink: So, back at ya!

Currently, I’m trying to let go of expectations I have for my featured file. Whatever happens, happens.

What it comes down to is that I’m still grateful to a part of this community after 4 years.

The dream of composing full-time has become a reality. Thank you all and Envato.

Onward and upward!


One of the most supportive, consistent and cool persons on AJ for sure! You deserve it @PhilLarson !


Congrats Phil!


Well deserved, Phil!


Indeed deserved Phil! Warm Congrats & Enjoy the exposure! :slight_smile:


Congrats, extra exposure brings big extra sales! :slight_smile:


Congrats Phil!!!


Congrats on the feature, Phil! It’s an awesome track! Great ideas and uplifting. :+1:

I wish you many many deserved sales!


Way to go being awesome Phil!