jQuery range slider step labels?


Basically I have a jQuery UI range slider with 5 steps, and I want labels for each step. How would I go about this?


The only way I’ve been able to do that is by using spans and setting the margin-right of the span to position the “step marker”.

here; I tossed together a demo:

http://codefusionlab.com/slider_steps.html - view page source

Not saying this method is correct - I honestly don’t know - but it gets the job done and is cross browser complaint.


You can use % instead of hard px. That way it’s more modular and can be integrated via PHP


For some reason, I cannot get % to scale correctly. Both sliders are using the same %s but the top slider is set to 400px wide and the bottom slider is set to 800px wide:


I recently had to use a slider with marked steps in one of my projects, and I tried several times with several variations, but the the alignment does not hold when I scale the slider. In my project I used class names with the pseudo :nth selector instead of hard coding each span - but I still had to set each and every one to a PX width and margin.

You have an example, or any guidance for using %'s? I’d love to get of the fixed widths, but I’ve not had any luck in doing so.


Try this out - http://jsfiddle.net/ejwZb/


Hayeeee! That’s clean!


Figures I was making it harder than it needed to be!

I don’t understand the borders thing though. Is its only job to push the marker down and to the left by 1 px? Sorry; I’m more of a developer than a designer.


Yeah. Of course you can manually calculate to compensate for the borders, but that’s just messy & tedious. I found this out by accident while trying to implement the range slider for SMOF, which needed the tick marks to be auto positioned for a user-defined set of steps. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! I had to adjust the “left” DOWN by 2% to suit the size of the labels, but it worked out well.