I need help with revolution slider 5.1.

I’m banging my head against a window. Have a look at the screenshots below.

Every thing looks great in preview mode, but it’s a complete dismay on the homepage. I’ve read several tutorials, tried different templates (even the ones that came with the theme) but it seems after the 5.1 update, I’m getting this situation.

I’m using a standard slider, auto slide layout, 1170px x 500px grid size. with auto sizes turned off.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve been trying to sort this out for 2 days and no luck…

Could someone explain how to use the grid layout?

If I’m using a photo 1920x600, what grid layout should I use? I noticed as I make the grid layout larger, the text slides to the left, but not enough to be where it’s at in the preview mode.

Try to get help from author plugin instead ask your problem at here.

At here is where I bought the theme and the revolution slider, so at here I assumed would be a good place to ask because maybe someone else has had the same problem. I appreciate your time and effort in reporting the obvious and most successful solution but have you thought that maybe I have already brought the matter to the developers attention? This is supposed to be a community where hopefully, members can share findings or even provide a kind suggestion. Thanks anyways for reading.