Slider Revolution - Scaling animations properly between Breakpoints?

I’ve been trying to make something really simple to work in SLIDER REVOLUTION (ver. 6.2) lately. It is quite simple, yet it seems hard to accomplish. Let me explain very briefly ;

Let’s say I make a very simple translation animation (from point x.y. to x2.y2) to an imported object. Let it be a JPEG image, for instance. When I press “play” or scrub in the timeline, the animation works perfectly, from x.y. to x2.y2. But when I preview it and scale the window down to see what happens when it reaches the responsive breakpoint, something weird happens : Only the object is scaled down properly ; not the animation itself.

Of course, I have tried to create a Group layer, in which I put the image. Since the image object now gets its coordinates from the Group layer itself (0x,0y values beeing the center of the Group Layer), I thought that would resolve the issue and that the Group Layer would scale down not only the image but the animation attached to it, but it’s not working either.

The only workaround I have found to make the animation beeing scaled down properly was to enter % values instead of pixels in the animation advanced panel for the image. The percentage takes it’s value from the width and height of the object. So let’s say I have an image of 100px by 100px. If I want to move the image to the right by 500px, I need to enter “500%” as a value for X coordinates. By entering % values, the animation gets scaled down properly when it reaches the responsive breakpoint of the slider.

But now let’s say I have an image of 273px by 120px, and I want it to move 100px to the right,…? Entering percentage values can become very confusing at that moment, and is not really intuitive. It will work, but it is time consuming…

So all in all, that is my question : Is there a way to scale down animations when the breakpoint of a slider is reached ? So that the coordinates of the animation are not maintained as pure pixels, but instead relatively scaled to what the animation really is?. I thought that a “Group Layer” would have resolved this type of issue by scaling down the object AND its animation, but it’s not.

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Did I post my message on the wrong forum ? Isn’t there anyone using “Slider Revolution” around here?
Thank you for your future help

I am and I can’t get mine to work. Kind of hating it right now. A lot.

Hi @KelvinZer0 and @jkazmucha,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. Kindly drop us an email at and a member of our team will discuss this further with you asap!



Hello KC ! And thank you so much for replying to this post.

I am afraid that I can’t write to “” through the themepunch website ticket system, since my licence of “Slider Revolution rev:6.21” is a “Regular” version, which I bought with a theme on Envato. The ticket system only works for “Pro” buyers.

That said, the “Regular” version should still have all the same functionalities as the “Pro” version, the only difference beeing that the “Regular” doesn’t have access to Templates and Addons. I’m a multimedia technician, been workin’ with Adobe, animations, Flash, etc for the past 20 years now. I don’t need the templates.

I’ve been workin’ my butt 5 days fully to make this (very basic?) type of animation work. It’s so simple that I might be missing something, somewhere, and if not,. I can’t beleive it’s not there or that it has not been yet implemented.

Let me explain more clearly the behavior of what’s happening, and what I’m trying to achieve with “Slider Revolution”.

When I import a picture inside a slide, intuitively, I will FIRST check it’s “Size & Pos” properties in the “Layer Options”, to be sure after what the object is lining up with. After this, I will reposition the object with my mouse, so I can set its initial state and position on the Scene (canvas). (Notice that I do that with the “Size & Pos” option selected, not “Animation”).
At this state, the object has an initial position set inside “Size and Pos”, and the “Animation–>Advanced”'s X and Y properties are both set to “0”, ready to be animated.

NOW,… if I select the “Anim to” properties found under “Keyframes”, I can set the position of my 2nd keyframe. Doing so works perfectly when previewed ; the object does everything that it’s asked. However, when I resize the preview window, at the moment the breakpoint is reached and everything* starts to scale down, only the object is scaled down, not it’s animation. The distance made by the object remains the same in terms of pixels on the screen, even though the object itself is scaling down.

I then thought that putting the object inside a “Group Layer” would do the trick, (and I mean to animate the object INSIDE the Group Layer) as it should shrink or scale up everything that it is containing, but surprisingly, it still has no effect on scaling the animation to the proportions of the scaled down object.

I think I can’t make myself clearer. I’m having a very hard time to figure out what is the best technique in “Slider Revolution” to contain and scale an animation, when the “Group Layer” object should be enough powerful to do so. …Am I missing something ??? (I must be missing something, right?). Is there something I can type in a window, somewhere, so the Group scales down not only the object but also its animation?

The ONLY workaround that I’ve found is to set the “Size & Pos” attributes to “0” for the object, and then animate in the “Advanced” section using percentage values for X and Y. At that moment, the animation proportions are scaled down with the scaled down object.

I really, really hope somebody helps me (or us all) with this. It is currently driving me absolutely nuts to enter the percentage values for X and Y, as it is the only way I’ve found so far.

Thank you very much,
Best regards,

Hi @KelvinZer0,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell without seeing your slider setup and we’d need to have one of our technicians in our support center to investigate. But since you have the theme bundled version of the plugin, you can purchase a copy of the plugin here and the license key you receive will allow you to open a support ticket in our support center where we can help you further with this and also, you’ll receive the additional benefits listed here:



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I’m facing the same issue. Hope a solution has been found?