Jobify theme question


I have a question, I hope this is the right place to ask.
I’m planning to buy the Jobify theme with all the addons that are coming with it.
But my question is, is it possible to translate everything in the main theme to dutch?
I have contacted the author on facebook but I didn’t had any response for days…

If not is there another theme that is better or you would advise me to use for a job board?


Yes, all themes are 100% translatable.
Some times, themes do include also translations packed inside them, if someone from the community has translated it before.


Thanks for the quick answer.
One more question if I can ask.
If I plan to buy the jobify theme, what do I need next to it to have the most complete job board.

I made a list with addons I think I need

  • Jobify theme
    -Jobify addons
  • Wp job manager
    -Woo commerce

Do I need any more?
And is this the best theme for easy setup?
And where do I buy the theme, on this site or on the jobify website itself?

Thank you!


Why you don’t ask theme developer or read documentation? This is forum not support.


I have no reply from the developers on facebook.
Do you know another place where I can contact them?


thank you!