What is the best theme for a job board site

Hi all,
What theme is the best for a job board?

Hey @playr9

The @Astoundify folks have one of the most well-regarded and popular job board themes here:


I have several times work on their site Listify. If you are not developer you cant change nothing. What you see on demo that you will get and you cant change basically nothing.
Before buying you thing do you want to customize something , change etc. For such thing you will need to hire developer.


Why did you delete my post? Because I didn’t say that this template is great template and you need to buy it?
I have put my experience as a user and when you make “wrong” opinion I will get banned and my post will be deleted.

Don’t worry mate, I still saw what you commented. Also I intend to use jobify not listify. Hopefully their support is good enough

Just to be clear, the authors support is not obliged to help with requests about how to use the theme and especially not how to customise the configuration outside of what you see in the demo.

They have same author. Both template.