I've Joined Envato!

Hey all! I’m ecstatic to announce that I am one of Envato’s newest WordPress theme reviewers on ThemeForest! As a reviewer I’ll get to work with some of the theme industry’s most knowledgable folks and help tackle those seemingly infinite review queues that have too long plagued ThemeForest.

Just letting ya’ know! :slight_smile:



Its really great you have joined Envato. Congratulations. :slight_smile:

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Wow. Great. Really Worthy. Congrats

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Congrats! @ThemeBeans

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Congratulations :wink:

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any insights to how many reviewers are coming on board? 10-15?

Congrats! I hope the review time will be improved.

Congrats @ThemeBeans :slight_smile:

wow congratulation! Waiting for your first approval to my items! :slight_smile:

I have also joined envato and looking forward for more contribution from my side.

Ha, 10-15 would be crazy lol. The team is increasing in size though. Just in the last bit there has been at least 3 additions.

Congrats for the position and happy reviewing :). I’m pretty sure they can count on you’re knowledge :+1:

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I appreciate it!