Experienced community authors for reviewing WordPress Themes

I am going out of patience on this now with the pathetic review times. I am on 23 days now. I am sure it is going to reach above 30 days in coming months. It would be difficult to survive.

Every author who sells here has a a different story and different background. You cannot say me work on your next item, do something productive blah blah. I have my reasons for the theme I made to go on sale as fast as possible.

Why not ask some experienced community authors who are interested to volunteer for reviewing the themes?


Hi crelegant!

Being a decent idea I am not sure Envato would allow or like that. There must be some backend learning proccess in place, for new reviews. It is kind of outsourcing the 20% of your Pareto. Let’s not forget this is their Business, not open-source community. One of the options is to leave the place, for sure.

Maybe I am wrong and all this can be more open to public solving, would like to see that myself, waiting for 24 days for an item be to looked upon, not even accepted. For now, I think they have their reasons for letting it this way, or to put it this way, they must have their resons for not making this top priority.


If the review speed goes the way it is right now, it is pointless to even create niche themes. Better to stick to one multipurpose theme business model. No more tensions to take of what’s going on with the review thing.

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great idea . i just don’t know why envato don’t do this :rage:?? . at least they tell us why ?.

You can suggest or apply for a job here:

maybe someone spammed them … autofill form and send 10.000 items to check every day

ooooh come on . its not even a problem :worried: . for a company like envato .
spam is not a Problem. it can be solved in just 10 minutes.:angry:

Really? Then why You think they move to new forum site last year … on earlier they where all time spammed, now they use outsource solutions. I don’t want to insults any one but envato is not a microsoft :slight_smile:

You are not insulting anyone, but keep in mind, you don’t have to be Microsoft to support your products, where supporting your producst or services means making a review time work for both parties in a business. Try not to support your themes, few of them will come back to you. Heck, even an ice-cream not served well wont get repeated customer anymore.

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Meanwhile, check what’s going on here http://wptavern.com/wordpress-theme-review-team-moves-towards-automating-review-process

first : they move to new forum site last year not only for the spam reason . the new forum is much better and looks like a HQ forum . the design of it and the how it works is much better than the old one.also now all the envato sites is in one forum . while the old one was not :slight_smile:

second : and i will say it again :
why they don’t tell us anything about this ? :worried:

woooow :frowning:. really great idea :sunglasses:

and why they should ? some company should admit that sorry, we have been “hacked” ? …

Overall it’s just theoretical discussion. Second - envato never wrote on the forum and did not report anything to public. It’s just a shop and You are just a developer who sells here. ( maybe You will be ).

End of topic I “muted” this discussion :slight_smile:

Mate keep calm, after 35 days of waiting I’m in. It was a long journey for me. Nothing changed since I started a topic related this matter. Envato is still silence.

35 days??! Are you joking?!

No sir! no joking, get use to that. It’s our new normal.