I've been charge 2 times for a HTML page and 1 for an undesirable mail template!


I’ve been charge 2 times for an HTML page an also for an undesirable mail template. I’m not downloading this for the moment.

  • 1 Wexim - One Page Parallax
  • 1 Wexim - One Page Parallax (AGAIN)
  • Koble | Business Email Set (I never order this!)

I just want one Wexim One page. Is there any solution (I don’t download anything at all for the moment)




Please open Help ticket and let them know. Support Team will be very happy to assist you.


Thanks :wink:

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No answer, maybe it’s close (I’m in France)

please keep patience they reply all tickets one by one. So, it will take time.

Oups, right. Thanks!