item upload - cover and preview images

I understand that I need three variants of images during product upload.

  1. Cover image ( 2340px by 1560px)
  2. thumbnail (80px by 80px)
  3. preview images ( 1170px wide)

From this screenshot, which image goes where?

For the pricing,

If I set the price to $199 and envato adds $5 buyer fee. What price is displayed the buyer on the product page? $199 or $204?

Hi @ichiegroup,

you have to upload in this way:

  1. Thumbnail: JPEG or PNG 80x80px Thumbnail

  2. Main File(s): ZIP - All files for buyers (include 2 folders: your product files folder + Documentation folder in a folder named matching with your item title then make a zip of the folder) and upload this main zip

  3. Inline Preview Image: 590x300 JPEG

  4. Preview Screenshots: ZIP file of images (png/jpg) w/ optional text descriptions for display on the site. Image width less than 900px.

  5. Optional Video Preview: video demo for your Item optional, you can ignore.

You can check this presentation how to upload item in codecanyon:

Hope will help.

Your Item price will be the total amount (in your example $204).


Thanks for your feedback.

The second image is inline preview image.

However from here,

Where do I upload cover image to?

Also you mentioned that preview imagages must be less than 900px in width, is this a fixed requirement or recommended width size?

Just read some past threads and I understand that cover image is the same as preview image for code canyon php script.

Inline Preview Image: 590x300 JPEG. Inline Preview Image is the cover image.

It’s not preview images, it is Preview Screenshots in codecanyon. yes, image width should not more than 900px.