Item Review Queued on Grpahicriver ?

want to ask. how many times must wait for thats ?

it looks like this is around 9 days at this time …


Keep patience hope you will received you review soon.
Here is graphicriver review time.

still have any other question then contract with Envato Help Center

hope will helpful for you.

Okay. thanks for response.

Check your average time always here -

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LOL a friend of mine almost had to wait 10 days and i wait for more than 9 days andstill no review so i think this is far from being accurate …

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what is the interest of this? u can have items reviewed in less a hour and some for almost 10 days … and this maybe about teh aveage waiting time indicated here but so what? if according to times u have to wait one hour or 10 days this is not the same …

When envato market was really busy (yes I remember times when it was really busy) normal time was 8 - 9 days. Now its about 4 maybe 5 days on GR

Thank’s all for the response.