Item got hard rejected even though I thought the UI is good enough

I’m more of a developer and not much of a designer but I do decent designing of the websites I create.

Some information regarding the design

  • I have used images mostly from Envato Elements
  • I have used 2 fonts one of which is custom font and other one is google font
  • The idea I have used is to use circles as the highlights and play around with that in the design
  • I’ve tried to keep the design as such it can be easily implemented development wise
  • I haven’t used any prototyping in the template so the templates does not show any animation and are not linked to each other
  • I uploaded the downloadable file along with all the images, could that be the problem
  • I have used both XD and figma for this and tried uploading both

Link to the XD Design

Link to the Figma Design

It would really helpful if anyone can point out the improvements I should do to get it approved.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone.