Item creation date is more recent than the Last Update

Hello everybody! I ran into this problem the other day, how is this so?


image image image image

This is happening kind of everywhere. @BenLeong can you please take a look at that, please.



It’s hilarious, Stephen Hawking would be amazed, but i believe this is the very last of our problems imho. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



But as you notice, they are not solving major issues, at least we can get some minor issues solved. :slight_smile:

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It’s like comments on the rejected tracks. ’ The fx at 2’02 is way too loud, or your bass is clashing with your kick, …’ Adressing small details is ok, unless they are doing absolutely nothing good to your song except making it sound a bit better. If the music is bad , making it sound better means you have a bad track which sounds good. Nothing more! 99.9% of the customers cannot distinguish pianos from guitars. Envato has deeper issues they should fix and we all know better. The fact that the sales, income is dropping month after month is a red flag that needs special attention. Authors who are ‘gaming’ the system, artificially increase ratings, laughable product prices, inneficient SEO, preposterous amount of uploaded items which encourages template based productions and copy pasted tracks. These are the issues which we may concern. Sorry for long rant. Just some thoughts. And yes. The small coding bugs are maybe just some bugs which should be fixed.