Item completely disappeared?


I have uploaded an item yesterday, but no information was provided on it whatsoever, the last information I know, it was under review, but that is not disappeared. I can’t find information about my item at all, neither if it was rejected or anything, seriously it just completely disappeared.

Isn’t there any page where I could track my items?

Seems doesn’t shows anything.

Please help!

Check out your spam folder. You will always get an email whether your item was approved or rejected.

That obviously has been done, but nothing.

You can also check your Hidden tab on the dashboard in case the item was soft-rejected.

If no luck, then you should wait for 24h just to be sure if the email won’t be delivered and you can contact the Envato Help.

Meanwhile, feel free to post your item URL here and get some feedback from the community.

Hidden tabs neither has nothing, I have checked every possible places where it could be, but nowhere. It’s literally gone. I can’t really post item URL, as it’s HTML, which means people can easily just copy and paste it to use.

Here is a screenshot though. It’s an easily customizable invoice template

Again, wait till Tomorrow and then contact Envato Help.


You think the theme is all right as for the quality standards?

I don’t really have any experience with this particular category to be honest. I was able to find only one existing invoice template on the ThemeForest, which was submitted just recently, and I think that quality-wise it is pretty much comparable to yours. But that is my very subjective view which can be very different to the reviewer’s one of course.
The only two serious issues I see are that 200x100 placeholder image is not centered and also footer content is not vertically centered.

@LSVRthemes, I know you are “just” a volunteer, but by the time we have talked about the problem, I have already contacted Envato Author help, and since no information is given, like not even an automated response… I am getting worried. Wonder what will happen, when I will need a more serious help and this is just something which isn’t really important.

When you submit a ticket, you should get an automatic response, something like “we are looking into it and will get to you soon”. So if you haven’t got this email nor the one which gets sent after the review, my guess is that there must be something wrong with your email client.

I received that one, but what I am saying, no automated or human response regards my actual case. I also use Gmail, so

and since no information is given, like not even an automated response

so which one did you received actually?

So you did get an automated response. Then jut wait till they get back to you which will take few days.

Few days lol, okay.

That’s unfortunately the harsh reality.

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What a nice template! I see no reason why this would be rejected. However, patience is key on the marketplace. Don’t expect fast responses, don’t expect fast sales. In the meanwhile, submit and double check your tax info in order to avoid US witholding, or you will be surprised at how low your income from sales in the US can get.

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Well, I am from the EU, and I don’t even have EU VAT id yet that’s a different story. Things are way easier when you make a company in the UK or anywhere expect Hungary. Generally I pay 250 EUR per month, doesn’t matter if you have income or not.

You don’t understand, you have to submit your tax information exactly because you are in the EU. This is to avoid double taxation. If you don’t submit your info, Envato will automatically take out 30% of US tax from your sales to US buyers.

If you are not a US citizen or resident alien, you will need to submit a Form W-8. If you are a resident of a country that has a tax treaty with the U.S., you will benefit from the reduced or zero withholding rate that is specified in your country’s tax treaty. If you are a resident of a country that does not have a tax treaty with the U.S., then your U.S. source income from Envato will be subject to a 30% withholding tax.

Let me make an example.

If you sell something for $11, Envato will take an handling fee depending on the category (suppose $1), that makes it $10. 37.5% fee (being you an exclusive author). That leaves you with $6.25 if the buyer was anywhere but in the US. If the buyer is a US citizen and you don’t submit W-8, you will lose an addtional 30% of the $10, which will leave you with $3.25. Plus you will have to pay whatever taxes your country asks for, of course.

I did not know this at first and I lost almost $30 because of this.