Issues With the Unlimited Plan I Bought

I signed up for the unlimited download package because I wanted a specific product from the Themeforest marketplace. But when I clicked on the message bar at the top of the page saying Unlimited download for $16.50/month, it took me to a Envato Elements page, and this is what I paid for.

Now information I am seeing in this forum suggests that the unlimited download i bought on Elements does not apply to Themeforest marketplace.

Can someone from Envato please confirm this? And if this is the case, what is the process/link to get a refund, because the product I initially wanted to buy is on Themeforest, and not on Elements.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

Envato Element & Envato Market are no same platform! Both are different.
If you have yearly subscription on Envat Element then you are able to download everything that exist on Envato Elements platform.

You are not able to download anything from Envato Market like Themeforest, Videohive, Audiojungle, Codecanyon etc.

I hope you understand.
Let us know if you have any other question.


Thanks for the response. Now question is, why was I on the Themeforest marketplace ( then when I click the bar at the top of the page to buy the unlimited plan, it takes me to a page?

Either way, can you send me a link to request a refund, so i can go back and buy the product I wanted from Themeforest.


Did you see something at top like this there written Unlimited download for $16.50/month ? then that was advertisement/marketing of Envato Elements on Envato market

Actually no, that is not the exact message that is present on the page I clicked on. Please click the above link I gave to see the exact message displayed. (

But why is that message on the Themeforest marketplace, when it is meant for Elements. That is obviously meant to confuse people, as it did me.

Anyway, my question is, how can I start the process to get a refund?

Just Open a Enavato Element Help Ticket they would like to assist you.
Hope your issue will solved.
Also let me know any other question.

Thanks. But it has been 24 hours since I opened a support ticket asking why I can’t find the specific item I wanted to download. And while there has been no response, and I intend to wait another 24 hours, I just hope they are not the type of company that either takes forever to respond to emails, or worse does not respond at all.

I have now proceeded to open a new ticket asking for a refund. I just hope I won’t be forced to go to PayPal (and after that my local bank) to get a refund.

Keep patience hope they will reply to you soon.They have a ticket queue list one by one they will reply no worry about it.

Envato is actively trying to convert their marketplace buyers into Elements subscribers. It seems as though they are not concerned about confusing their customers (as well as infuriating marketplace authors). Maybe they even count on it.

Do not do that. This is considered payment fraud and will result in the locking of your account. Envato will refund you.

This is such a scam by misleading us into believe that we can download the WP themes that we want by paying the monthly fee. I just joined and found the issue too. Looking for a way to refund. Would you please advice the best way to get a refund? Thanks. B.

Simply open a ticket. As long as you haven’t downloaded anything yet, they will refund you.