Issue with Envato quality team review


I’ve submitted my WordPress plugin yesterday. After that, I got an email from Envato quality team say’s plugin was soft rejected. The email had the following lines.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

  1. Clicking the live preview button: "

I clicked this link to know why my plugin was soft rejected. But the problem was, that link redirected me to a screenshot. That screenshot didn’t explain anything about why my plugin was rejected. Could you please look into this issue? I want to know why my plugin was rejected.

Thank You!

The screenshot is stating that your plugin’s demo link isn’t working. You should check the demo URL which you have provided while submitting your plugin.



Thank you for your reply. I rechecked the demo URL and resubmit my application. Also, I add the demo zip file which contains the index.html. But still, I got the review as Demo link not working comment. I’m developing a WordPress plugin which enables users to login with their Twitch accounts. I gave this link as the demo link

In the Demo. zip file’s index.html contains a button which redirects to demo link(

Could you please tell me what’s wrong is here?


Not sure about the wrong part, but it’s not a good idea to present your demo website on any free hosting cause of ugly URL and a lot of limits.

And you don’t need any index.html file with links inside, It will be confusing for some users.

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Thank You EXMI!

On the another attempt, i didn’t submit the demo zip files(But add the correct Demo link). Because on the submit form it says it’s optional. Then I got the comment “There is no live preview”.

Do you know some way that I can email to the Envato Support team?

Sure, go to and open any article, on the bottom you’ll see this:

Press the button, fill in the form and that’s it :slight_smile:

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Thank You very much!

You’re welcome!

My I tem was approved, but the preview image and the lastest files are not updated. Still the preves versions preview image and the files are displayed. Who to contact on this?

You can edit your approved item in the authors dashboard and upload all new files. Or you can write a message to the Envato Support team, check my prev. reply here.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: