I got rejected to publish a WordPress Plugins but do not know why?

Today I submit a WordPress Plugins but it rejected and I don’t why they rejected. They send a message “We have completed our review of “Wordpress Plugins for Assessment Manager” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

If you can share the live/demo URL, we can comment one or two things.

The demo url is
Username: demo
Password: demo12349

Lack of details for the demo, un-finished design, non-English content and lots of other issues.
It lacks of design and features. It’s even hard to make comment on the item.

Where need to give details on demo. It is just demo and plugins details page.
This one already uses and many design complete. Some degign need to improve as per requirements.
It’s language is now Arabic and use to learn English from Arabic. But by this we can learn from any language to other languages. And not only language, we can learn any topics by Assessment wise.


Sorry it’s just not anywhere near premium and as @ki-themes has said, non english words. You cannot resubmit it again, and although I understand the point you make about it being in your native language, that does not help sell it on an international marketplace.

Here envato write you can’t resubmit it. What does it mean? If I change the primary language in English and upgrade the plugins by more good design and functionality then also can’t resubmit it?

Some cases, if you could change the entire design and features, yes, you may be able to re-submit the item but for those cases, you usually get “soft” reject instead of “hard” reject.

Your case, no, you won’t be able to re-submit the item again.

I am not sure what is going on there, because a few minutes after submitting they send me the rejected message. So are they testing it or not, not sure. And also my files are now in their hands, so there is no guarantee that they will not use it for another purpose.

They check the demo site first. If the demo site is not appealing, they reject the item.
About the file, no need to worry about it as it won’t be used for another purpose.

So is there any way to resubmit the plugins?


You would have to completely rebrand all the plugins you submitted in the first instance and even then it’s unlikely they would accept. Your best option is to consider trying these as a free plugin on the Wordpress site, and see if anyone tried it.
In any case, it needs to be in English and it needs to be usable by the majority rather than just a few.

A hard rejection from Envato does not mean your plugin is useless - it just means that this platform did not want it nor wished to try it. That doesn’t mean you failed.