Issue in Integration with Mailchimp

I’ve been trying to solve a problem for days with the plugin I downloaded from Envato Elements, SuperForms.

Integration with Mailchimp does not work at all. Even though the fields are with the correct and corresponding names in both the plugin and Mailchimp, they generate an error that is not shown in the server logs.

I’ve already tried to locate it in the plugin’s folder, but nothing appears either.

The crash happened after activating Adaptive Placeholders. I’ve already disabled the option in settings, but it stays on no matter what I do.

I have a launch campaign running with more than a dozen forms and this is killing my launch.

" Your merge fields were invalid.: [{“field”:“NOME”,“message”:“Please enter a value”}]"

Even though I managed to adapt the field names, corresponding to the same fields in Mailchimp, then it appears that “there is no email address field”

It’s insane!

" Error: Couldn’t subscribe the user to Mailchimp because no E-mail Address field was found in your form. Make sure to add this field and that it’s named email"



Have you read this?

Have you got a link to the form URL so we can look at it?