MailChimp email signup form integration on a HTML template

Hi All,

Looking for advice (please send links or point me in the right direction)

on how to set up MailChimp on a HTML template.

I want to add ‘MailChimp integration’, so I mean I want to add an email signup form into a HTML template, so then I can market my item on ThemeForest as having MailChimp integration.

Do I need an account with MailChimp in order to integrate my HTML template with MailChimp?

Does this cost me money?

Does anyone have experience with this that can help, if so please advise.

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I have created an account on MailChimp.

So I can generate HTML code for a mailchimp form and add this to my template / product.

But, when someone buys the product, they need to change the action URL on the form, and add in their own ID for their own MailChimp account? In order for the subscribe form to work?

Can not find advice on this anywhere.

Please help!


And I have posted a brief summary of the solution below:

To integrate a Subscription box with MailChimp you just need to create an account with MailChimp account, obtain your unique MailChimp API Key and List ID, and then add it to the code in your template.

To get your API Key:
To get your List ID:

Once you have obtained the above mentioned details, add them to the form in your product / template that you are to sell and distribute to customers on ThemeForest.

I hope this helps somebody.

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