Recommendation for Opt-In Form w/ Native Autoresponder & MailChimp Integration?

I’m looking for a plugin that once a visitor fills out a form, they are sent an autoresponder email (via a native option within the plugin, not MailChimp) and then is added to an email list within MailChimp. Hopefully, that makes sense.

Can anyone recommend a good plugin for this use? Free or Paid (but not monthly. Looking for a one-time payment)

Currently, I’m using Contact Form 7 with a MailChimp integration add-on to do this. Essentially, when someone fills out a lead magnet form, they are sent an email with a link to the extra content and are automatically added to an email list in MailChimp. However, it also sends an email to my email address which I don’t want. So I would like to simplify the process if there is a plugin out there for this purpose.

Thanks in advance!