ISO: WP plugin to manage a school book rental program

I am looking for a developer to create a WP plugin to manage the book rental program at our primary and secondary school. our website is:

We are a school located in Grenada in the West Indies. We have approximately 350 students from Pre-school through to Form 5 (Grade 11 equivalent in USA). The PTA at the school run a book rental program, where school text books are rented to students for the academic year for a small fee ranging from US$2 - US$15 per book. We have around 3,000 books in our inventory (although this needs to be verified - a work in progress) and around half of the students in the school rent books from the program.

Ideally the system should be a self-service system where a student can login, choose the books they require, print out a list and invoice, then come and collect and pay for the books. Grenada banks are unable to facilitate an e-commerce system so we don’t want that functionality in the plugin and often students pay in cash.

The system admins need to be able to log the books according to the book id system currently in place. We have many books with the same title so we have developed an ID system to identify them. The bar code of the book is often under the brown paper cover we ask students to cover the books with to protect them so we would not be able to use this as an identifier.

The rental program operates in July for returns and then a few weeks later for rentals and again in September for the persons who missed the July dates. There is little or no activity on the rental program for the rest of the year.

Students pay a deposit from which the cost of unreturned books is deducted and the deposit is returned when the student leaves the school so some deposits could be held for many years.

Please bear in mind we are a non-profit school in a third world country so have limited funds available. The proceeds from the book rental program go towards essential school repairs and maintenance.

Thank you

Hello :smiley:

I’m not sure there’s something that will exactly fit all your needs on CodeCanyon. But it’s possible that one of the developers on Envato Studio may be able to design you a system. You can certainly ask them about developing a custom WordPress plugin.