Isn't at the quality standard required to move forward, you won't be able to resubmit this item again!?

My bootstrap 4 template rejected just saying “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, you won’t be able to resubmit this item again”. I am new and don’t understand what is/are the reason (s) behind this rejection!

It will be very much appreciated if someone suggest something.
Demo url:

Thanks in advance


Thanks for you posting with question.

I have see your item that’s look like a basic practice work.It’s not ready for Envat Themeforest.
Study about themeforest quality standard item & try again hope will get good result.


Hi @Delower

I have checked your demo. Please don’t mind your design is so simple in home page you have used the same design features which is really very bad practice.

In design color, typography, visual hierarchy issues exist. So, please study more check trending Items and make a more aesthetic design with premium features.

Don’t hesitate just keep trying to make a premium Template.


Thanks for your suggestion, I understand now but I will be very grateful if you can suggest some ways in details so that I can prepare to improve my item for re-submission or start over.

I am grateful for your valuable suggestion, I understand I have to study more before I can start improving my item for re-submission.

you are always welcome. Good luck for your next submit Item. Thanks


Best way you have to study or research on Envato Themeforest market about your chosen category item.
Or you can try other way psd to html getting psd template partnership and convert it into html template.
Practice makes a man perfect.

At the end you need lot experience for this platform.


Developers created this type of template in 2010-2011 years. This is vey basic. You can work hard for approve items.